Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today was a momentous day for me - a hugely important point to have crossed on my journey away from Horrifically Unfit. I completed the "Half Hill2Hill" - together with my friend (we ride a lot together). The 105km Hill2Hill is THE one-day mountain-bike event of the year in the area, and the "half" is the short version of this race (around 43km). The MTB events around here are typically classified as Intermediate (25km), Half-Marathon (40km), Marathon (75km), and then extreme (or just plain silly) events such as the Hill2Hill. There are also family fun rides, with less technical track, of up to 20km. We've done a few of these with the kids.

Today was an incredible experience from start to finish. Things which stick in my mind:-
  • Standing, shivering, at the start early this morning, wondering if we could do it. And why we were doing it.
  • Incredibly, missing the start of our batch and having to start ten minutes later with the next batch. Unbelievable!
  • Discovering how beautiful the course was.
  • The first glorious long descent.
  • Riding along the railway track.
  • The dreadful hill up to the first water station.
  • The track through the forest.
  • Rattling across rocky hilltops where there was really no visible path other than race arrows painted on the rocks.
  • The horses.
  • The helicopters zooming around at the stage when the 105km leaders were passing us. They had started also early in the morning, but another 60ish km back!
  • Agonising cramps in my quads - new experience for me. Sitting on the side of the track with 18km to go trying to stretch life back into my muscles and get them to operate again.
  • Falling in some deep sand.
  • Unexpected river crossings, particularly one gorgeously deep one towards the end.
  • The photographers who kept popping up unexpectedly and taking pics.
  • The last, endless, slow 5km.
  • Seeing the finish.
  • Crossing the line and hearing Peter and the kids cheering me in.
  • How proud Peter was.
  • At supper, doing Best Thing Worst Thing with the kids and hearing Daniel say 'Mom finishing the bike race'.
Peter's been really supportive of this journey of mine this year. I am so grateful to have had the chance to go down this rabbit hole.

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Annalise said...

Congrats!! Would love to see some pics of the course!