Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Experiences

Robyn is counting the days to the school holidays now. Eleven more school days for her (the others have to wait another week after she's released). I cannot believe this year is nearly over. I realised today that somehow the whole year went by and we didn't go away as much as we usually do - somehow April and September got skipped. We'll have to rectify that next year, though with the World Cup here next year getting a booking anywhere in the winter holiday will be tricky. Perhaps we'll have to be brave and Camp in the 'Berg in Winter.

Speaking of camping, the first question the kids asked after I announced a while back that we'd be spending a week in Mauritius in December, was 'Will we still go camping in January?' Old habits die hard. And yes, we will still be going on our traditional New Year camp. Hopefully with a bunch of friends. I can't wait for our trip to Mauritius though. We have not been out of the country since the year before Robyn was born. Planned this a few months ago. Had some money available and decided to throw caution to the winds for a change before it could be spent on sensible things (walls, fences, home maintenance, etc).

All the end of year things are coming in a rush now. Concerts, plays, awards ceremonies, parties. This weekend Peter and I attended my bike group's end of year party. The theme was The Angels Go to Bollywood (the name of the group is Ama Angels - you'll get the Ama part if you're South African, but also as in 'Don't hate me cos Ama Angel'). After some obligatory moaning (dress-up parties and I don't get along too well), we got into it and decked ourselves out in something vaguely appropriate. I assisted Peter in the buying of his Indian shirt. I walked confidently into the Indian clothes shop, explained what we were in need of, looked around for husband, and ... he'd vanished. Went to retrieve cowering husband from adjacent shop window, dragged into shop, and finally purchased shirt (aka kurta). The party was great. We hardly ever go to big noisy parties anymore, and when we do they're usually work things, and everyone else is about 24 and single. The food was amazing (a variety of curries), and the DJ had the choice of music exactly right.

The weekend before, we celebrated Peter's 40th birthday with a small party at home. He says it's kind of a relief to have finally turned 40, as for the last few years he's been feeling like he's about 40, or nearly 40, anyway. Having arrived, he can now relax for about three years until feeling like he's nearly 50.

Lauren's away tonight, on an school excursion. She'll be leaving this school soon. Off to join Robyn next year in senior primary. Yay! Only three schools next year! She has had a very good year, except for becoming a bit bored academically. She seems to excel at so many things. I think she's going to enjoy the challenges and wider opportunities available next year.

Daniel also has some big changes heading his way, as in January he finally leaves preschool behind and starts grade 1. He was very excited to buy all his school uniform recently. It was fun buying little grey shorts and white shirts after five years of school dresses. He is so skinny we had to buy the smallest possible shorts and they are still enormous on him. He is starting to read and will love becoming a fluent reader. He is interested in anything scientific he can lay his hands on. Currently, it's space, stars and planets. Reading things with him I learn too. My mom told him to remember the planets with 'My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nice Pies', and my dad always told me 'My Very Eager Monkey Jumps Swiftly Under Nine Planets', however now, with Pluto's demotion, My Very Educated Mother would have to have Just Served Us Nandos, and My Very Eager Monkey would have to Jump Swiftly Under ... Nigeria?

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